Commander Alfonso Case Study

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Alfonso level of emotional intelligence during his time served on the USS Florida as commander was short lived due to his lack of experience in relationship management. Relationship management requires leaders to connect crew members not make them feel afraid and reluctant to communicate with their leader. In the crew eyes, Alfonso was unapproachable because of his style of disciplinary action that humiliated the crew members. The crew was acclimated to praise in public and penalized in private. As commander of the submarined, Alfonso failed to share and inspire his vision with his crew member leaving them oblivious of what to expect next. Alfonso did not have the social awareness skills required to deal with his crew member, he did not…show more content…
During Alfonso time as the commander of the vessel, the crew reach its highest potential by gaining the award winning inspection. However, Alfonso’s methods of leadership impacted the sight of self-awareness. He prioritized accomplishing missions over the dignity of his crew members. Self-awareness is one of the most important components of a leader success, with the compliments by the hard work of their follower. Alfonso, would have great success and the experience of a lifetime had he mastered this one component of leadership.

My recommendation to Commander Alfonso would be slow down when he is experiencing anger and outburst to examine why, and being to recognized how he can choose other options of reacting to an unpleasant situation. Also, I would advise Commander Alfonso, to heed, to an old saying “Before you criticize others, walk a mile in their shoes.” As a leader empathy is critical to overseeing a successful team. Instead of beating your team members down with harsh and negative criticism, give constructive feedback and listen to those who need
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