Commanders And Their Subordinate Joint Force Commanders

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Combatant Commanders and their subordinate Joint Force Commanders (JFCs) in response to contingencies and crises use joint operation planning that transforms national strategic objectives into joint military operations. In order to describe ways and means to achieve desired ends, and develop plans and orders, the commanders use operational art, operational design, and the Joint Operational Planning Process. However, identifying the correct problem commanders are facing is crucial for all further planning and actions, and operational design will help them develop operational approach. Operational design is the process that helps commanders frame and understand the problem , and it consists of various elements that will help in…show more content…
Moreover, in operational design, analysis of both adversary and friendly COGs is the key step providing commander and its staff the way to effectively attack adversary’s COGs while protecting friendly ones. The analysis process must be detailed since a faulty conclusion can have serious consequences and bring the inability to achieve friendly objectives at an acceptable cost. Identification of correct COGs and understanding their relationship brings precision to operational design where planners can successfully apply critical factors analysis to analyze COG’s critical capabilities, requirements, and vulnerabilities. Out of these three critical factors, the commander will focus its effort to attack vulnerabilities that will produce the most decisive damage to an adversary’s COG. Nevertheless, before COGs are implemented into the plan, they must be validated because attacking them will cause a change in adversary’s course of action (COA) or prevent it from achieving its objective. Moreover, COGs and their critical vulnerabilities are subject to change during the operation at any time. Therefore, the commander and its staff must adapt to the changing circumstances during the operation and adjust their plans and operations accordingly as adversary’s COGs and their critical factors change. Once the COG is defined, the commander can select the approach deciding to attack it directly or indirectly to achieve its objective. The direct
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