Commands Http Router Of Router Essay

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Commands to configure router to EIGRP
• Enable the Routing Information Protocol on the router. Write router(config)#router rip
• Using network command detects the network available, using this command you will be able to detect network connected directly to router. write Router(config-router)#network YOU.RNE.TWR.KID
• Write the main network address if your network is sub netted without having to write the subnets i.e. if you some subnets connected to the router(,, and
• Write the main network address without the subnets I.e. if you have subnet connected to router 24, you just put them to a single ‘network’ using the following command Router(config-router)#network and the subnet will be automatically be connected to the router
• To adjust the timers (flush timers, invalid, update and hold down) using the “time basic’ command. These parameters are in seconds. Write “ Router(config-router)#timers basic 30 180 180 240” will set default values if the rip timer
• Stop the update from being spread to the network, if there is any router inter interface connected to internet. Use the; passive interface; command. This command will prevent the interface from forwarding any RIP broadcast and will be able to listen to other interface in RIP. “Write Router (config-router) #passive-interface” followed by “INTTYPE INTNUMBER” where, INTTYPE is the type of the interface, such as Serial, Fast Ethernet, or Ethernet and INTNUMBER is the
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