Commedia Del'Arte - Character Analysis and Traits of Pantalone, Il'Capitano and Il Dottore.

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PANTALONE: Pantalone is of top pecking order. He is wealthy and controls the finance in the character world of commedia, therefore his orders are usually obeyed by all. He is the father of Isabella. He wears dark colours of black, grey and red; dynamic Pantaloons, tight-fitting long red trousers or red breeches and stockings, a short tight-fitting jacket, a loose long black cloak with plain sleeves, red-woollen skull-cap and yellow turkish slippers. He is lean and scrawny and often short in stature. He wears a mask with a long, hooked nose with bushy eyebrows, sometimes also a moustache. Pointed beard just forward as if to meet the nose coming down, thus giving a very dynamic profile. His signature props are a gold chain hung around…show more content…
The mask, in its general aspect, was intended to emphasize the contrast between a brave appearance and a craven nature. His signature prop is a long sword that he never actually uses for fighting. His feet are planted apart in order to occupy maximum space, his chest is pushed forward and his back is always straight and tall standing with his hips wide. His walk is a long stride where the heels of his boots come down first, then the foot rolls onto the ball, then he steps again off the ball of his foot giving him rise and bounce in his step so his head can be among the clouds. However, his actual steps are small (he is in no hurry to get to war, but wants to do so with maximum effect). When he hears a frightening noise he drops everything, but only succeeds in running on the spot, head thrown back, arms in the air, kicking his feet forward and howling piteously. When he hears a wolf (or small dog) he shrinks little by little until he has made himself unnoticeable as possible, then scurries away in a crouch. When fleeing from a mouse he adopts a kind of leaping promenade walk in order to prevent it running up his legs. When scared witless he occasionally runs to be seen, to show off his legs. He often stands at attention or with his hand on his sword, nose in the air and his chest puffed out. When he's not pretending to be brave he is

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