Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. at University of Michigan

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Write a paragraph about why you think the University of Michigan devotes part of every January to commemorate the life and work of Martin Luther King. Use the following articles to help you.

Above all, University of Michigan commemorates Martin Luther Kink to honor his work and memory. It is because of people like him and other civil rights leaders that African-Americans have been afforded the multitude of opportunities that they have today. King stood for not only blacks but for all people, including the disadvantaged and impoverished, and believed in the power of a divisive society creating a unified society, of bloody riots being transformed into peaceful gatherings. He believed in the power of non-violent demonstrations and the power in words, which his still reverberate softly in our memories to this day. I think the University would like to remind its students that the fight for solidarity and against discrimination is not over; we have come a long way, which is marked by iconic points and leaders in our history, but surely do have more work to be done.


1) What event did you attend? Give details such as title of event, where it was held, time (12-1pm for example), who spoke, what format it was (lecture, lecture + discussion, exhibition, etc).

I could not attend an event hosted by the University but I did find an event-hosted by the University of Chicago available to view online. The event was titled The University of Chicago's annual MLK…

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