Commemorative Coin History

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There are many historical sites in Colonial Williamsburg, such as Bruton Parish Church, Capitol, Governor's Palace, and the Magazine. The problem is only one of these four structures can be put on a commemorative coin in honor of the building's importance. A selected framework that should be on a coin is the Magazine. This is an edifice that should be on a commemorative coin because it is recognized for its outlived purpose. Not a lot of typical communities know it’s superb past. It doesn’t have the elaborate structure of the Governor's Palace however, it should be on a coin because it was of great significance for our independence. The magazine was important because it was used to house weapons, and it played a primary role in the Revolutionary War. During the war, British authorities stole the weapons, so the Americans were exasperated. The Americans called for independence from…show more content…
It also housed utensils, tents, and other replenishments. From this it became like a storehouse that was still an essential job. It symbolizes freedom and liberty so to this should be on a commemorative coin. It represents our way to a better life due to the war that happened to let us be independent. This building may have influenced some of today's architecture that most don’t regard. In conclusion, these are the primary justifications why the Magazine should be on a commemorative coin. It is historically exceptional, applicable, and it can related to the mission statement so it made it perfect for a commemorative coin article. The most legitimate answer for a segment of historical architecture that should be on a commemorative coin is the Magazine. An superstructure with this achievement of importance is extremely satisfying to be on a commemorative coin. This is why the Magazine should be on a commemorative
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