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For a girl who never has consistency in her life, I love consistency. However, due to my dad’s job in the Navy, I have been embedded into a world where the idea of new is glorified and uniformity is shunned. To combat all the inconsistency my parents made sure that learning about God was as reoccurring as possible. Sunday mornings were almost always filled with bible classes. At a pretty young age, I was very aware of who Jesus was and why he died for our sins. I knew that he was my biggest fan, motivator, and my source of strength. However, two monosyllable words drove me away from God. Even though I had been taught that perfection outside of God didn’t exist, that I could do all things through Christ who strengthened me, and that above all God loved me, hearing the phrase thank you from someone was enough to make me believe that I could do it all without Him. Although the phrase is just an expression of gratitude to me it was translated to that person finding me valuable and lovable. Growing up my self-worth was found entirely in how many compliments I received. The people pleasing got to the point to where I would spend all my free time, church being a prime spot, trying to think…show more content…
The message that there will always be someone that loves fully. That no matter how many times one could mess up God is a very merciful God and will always be there waiting for them to return to him. That there is someone who can know all of one’s flaws and still finds them to be worthwhile. I hope that my friendly persona and my ability to listen to others will allow me to build relationships with not only those who love God just as much as I do but also those who don’t. And hopefully, with time, patience, and a whole lot of prayer their hardened hearts will eventually begin a relationship with God too and help them fill that God-shaped hole in their heart with the only thing that can fill it, God’s
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