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Commemorative Speech Specific Purpose: to give tribute to my father, Roger Heck. Central Idea: This speech is to commemorate my father and to recognize him for inspiring me to be the person I am today. Introduction I. I often think about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to further my education and ultimately further my life success. II. I tribute most of this to my dad, Roger Heck. III. He has given me every opportunity to be whoever I want to be. A. My dad has taught me invaluable lessons that have paved the road for success. IV. I would like to take this time to commemorate my father and to show the inspiration he has given me to be the best I can be. (Transition: Let me explain the background…show more content…
VI. When I was born he taught me to be the strongest person I could be and to do my absolute best at everything I try. G. He has given me the guide to become the successful businessman I strive to be. H. He’s shown me the discipline of the military and has shown me strong ethics, which he’s known for in business. VII. But, above all of these he has given me the opportunity that he didn’t have. I. He gave my brother and I a better life full of support in whatever we do. J. I hope to live my life with the same values he holds K. Last night I called him and said I wish there was a way of repaying him for the life he’s given me. 1. He responded, “he was proud of me and that was all that mattered.” (Transition: This is a photograph of my dad in his military uniform.) Conclusion I. This is my favorite photo of my dad because it reminds me of his accomplishments, and how lucky I am to have this person as my father. II. This man has inspired me to be the best person I can be and has given me every tool to help me build a successful life. III. My dad means the world to me and I hope I can be just as good of a person. MLA Citation "Mission Statement." United States Air Force. 12 Feb 2008
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