Comment On Humanistic School Of Psychology

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Comment on humanistic school of psychology.
Humanistic school of psychology gained importance in midst of 20th century. The limitations of Sigmund Freud’s psycho analytic theory and B.F Skinner’s behaviourism formed the basis of Humanistic school of psychology .
Humanistic psychologists start from the conclusion that every person has their own unique way of understanding the world and that the things they do only make sense in this way. Consequently, the kinds of questions they ask about people differ from those asked by psychologists from other approaches. Whereas other approaches take an objective view of people, in essence asking about them, ‘what is this person like’ humanistic psychologists’ priority is understanding people’s subjectivity, asking ‘what is it like to be this person’ As a result, they reject the objective scientific method as a way of studying people. Humanistic psychologists explicitly endorse the idea that
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Elements of humanism can be found in the psychoanalytic thought of Fromm, Horney, and even Jung and Adler and the American existential psychologist, Rollo May, anticipated many of the tenets of humanism.
Humanism is an attempt to reorient psychology to more person-oriented objectives. For a proponent of humanism, the new movement represented a return to a true concern for consciousness after 50 years of behaviourally oriented experimental psychology and by analytically oriented depth psychology (psychoanalysis). In a sense, humanism adopted the phenomenal orientation of Gestalt psychology, but extended it from the realm of more perceptual consciousness to cover the organism’s entire personality or state of
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