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QUESTION: Comment on how B.R.Ambedkar is a critical influence on the poetry of Namdeo Dhasal, in relation to any three of his poems.

In writing this essay I am referring to three poems of Namdeo dhasal, Equality for all or deathfor India,Ambedkar:79,Ambedkar: 1980 in expressing my views. Namdeo Dhasal was born a Mahar ,which was a community historically identified as untouchables. .Namdeo Dhasal and B.R.Ambedkar both were born Mahars whose occupation was to burning of dead animals. B.R.Ambedkar in 1956 ie two months before his death converted to Buddhism, which reflected millions of untouchables to follow the same path. Dhasal was one among those ex-untouchables
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When he was writing this poem he was fed up with the society and the practices in the society(This can be known from the first three lines, I'm not going to write anything obtuse Poetic twists and counter-twists are not allowed). In this poem, the way of expression was a bit raw or rude. He thought that the poem with such an anger creates multiple thinking in the people and he also provided sound to the voice of the people who are revolting against the oppression and the caste system.In this poem he is conveying the necessity and the urgency of annihilation of the caste system.
"Don't misfire: the earth might be there or not
Straight quick grab it by the root"
The untouchables are not allowed to stay in the villages, and they were not allowed in to the Hindu temples. These sort of practices which were practiced. As Ambedkar is one of those who experienced these in personal wanted to destroy this system and get freedom to their people. Namdeo Dhasal was not only influenced by Ambedkar's views poetically but also practically. And Namdeo Dhasal who was also one of those people inspired with the idealogy of Ambedkar wanted to take part in the moment started Dalit panther movement. In the poem Ambedkar 79: Namdeo Dhasal feel that the death of Ambedkar is a great loss to the movement.he compared the ill-treatment or the oppression of Hindus with som mythological characters yama, yami in this poem
"Like Yama fucked Yami, they fuck their

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