Comment and Response to Texting and Writing by Michaela Cullington

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Comment and Response to Texting and Writing by Michaela Cullington After reading Texting and Writing, by Michaela Cullington, I do not agree with many of her viewpoints. Cullington argues that texting does not affect a students writing. Textspeak, the abbreviation and shortening of words like used when writing a text message, does affect the way a student writes because they use the abbreviations, and their writings tend to lack punctuation. When a writer uses excessive abbreviations on a regular basis they can get stuck in the writer’s head causing them to use them in all of their writings. Cullington did make good points of her own opinion on texting and writing in her piece, but I disagree with her and believe that texting and…show more content…
Cullington recalled a few examples that teachers found while reading papers, “2” instead of “to,”; “gr8,” instead of “great,”; “dat,” in place of “that,”; “g2g,” for “got to go,”; “hbu,” instead of “how about you,”; “cuz,” to replace “because,”; and “wut,” for “what,”. Textspeak is a dangerous way to write, and once a writer learns and gets used to writing that way, writing papers for school becomes more and more difficult. A common acronym is ‘LOL’ which is an abbreviation for laugh out loud. The abbreviated for LOL would not be acceptable for an academic paper. Our current generation needs to pay more attention when writing, and to use correct spelling and not use acronyms to shorten their written ideas. Writing College, Writing Life’s article Learning the Language by Perri Klass talks about how some professions require abbreviations, which is one of the few times it is accecptable. Abbrevaitons can be helpful and an easy way to write a few words in just a few letters. Teachers do not like abbreviations because the writer tends to assume the reader knows what each acronym means, the paper should be and enjoyable read, not a confusing puzzle. While writing a paper for school teachers do not approve of abbreviation and acronyms, the writer should just take his or her time to write our each word correctly. Michaela Cullington believes that texting

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