Commentary Of Eva Smith's Diary Of Brumley

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On the Spring evening of april 12th, 1912 in the industrial town of Brumley in the north midlands at approximately 19:00, a young Woman died in the infirmary, Due to consuming strong disinfectant, Leading her insides to burn. With the information obtained, police are able to rule her death as a suicide. Investigating the suicide inspector Goole searched her room. Inside her room the inspector found a letter and a diary. The Deceased used many names throughout her short life, however her real name was Eva Smith. The diary mentions 5 specific names which have all had a significant input in Eva Smith's life. Names mentioned include Arthur Birling, Sybil Birling, Sheila Birling, Eric Birling and Gerald Croft. Inevitably, the investigation of…show more content…
She cold heartedly refused Eva smith help when the deceased came distressed and pleading for help at the Brumley Women's Charity Organization. Sybil admits prejudice towards her case, “I did nothing I'm ashamed of or that won't bear investigation. The girl asked for assistance. We were asked to look carefully into the claims made upon us. I wasn't satisfied with the girl's claim – she seemed to me not a good case – and so I used my influence to have it refused. And in spite of what's happened to the girl since, I consider I did my duty.” It is incredibly clear that the suspect is a horrible cold women that has no remorse for her input in the case. she feels no responsibility for deceased death. She may have been Eva Smiths breaking point that lead her to her death. In conclusion, although all three suspects have made negative impressions in Eva Smith's life. With Eric Birling the only one committing an offensive crime, the suspect was remorseful. In defence of his actions he proceeded to help Eva Smith. However, Sybil Birling persuaded other members of the Brumley Women's Charity Organization due to a personal dispute and refused to help Eva Smith, which eventually led to the pregnant Eva Smith with no other choice than to take her own
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