Commentary On The Book Thief In The Orc By Triad

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This short book had an interesting storytelling technique in that you just got thrown into the middle of two men with a history together, and you really had no clue what was going on. Even by the end of the book I still wasn’t real clear what their past entailed and what they had meant to each other or what they meant to each other by the end. JT, the orc, is a mechanic who I think was a car thief in the past, and Austin, an elf, is still the same slick con man who he’s always been. Everything in this story is based on the men’s backstory, but that backstory is never fully conceptualized. There are brief flashbacks into the men’s relationship (well, it was basically just a sex scene), but they were a bit confusing as to time and place in relation to what is happening in the present. Normally the only time I feel lost in a book is when it’s a series and it’s not a stand alone book, but this book skated the edge in a lot of areas.

Austin and JT hadn’t seen each other in two years, and Austin bribes JT into helping rescue a friend of theirs by offering JT a stolen car. Their mutual friend, Buzz, had stolen some virtual information and was being hunted by Chinese Triad. What had me
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I’m sure there will be other books to come which will delve into this world and the explanations will be much deeper, but it was a little irritating in this story. The narrative is pretty rough and tough…not much sentiment in this story. This is a guy’s story, and the sex is definitely guys sex. For a while, I thought Buzz was going to be the third man in a love triangle, but only he and JT had a sexual relationship, well, not so much a relationship as a hookup. JT and Austin both have sex with other people multiple times in the book, so if this is an issue for a reader, you should probably stay away from this story. The sex is rough and smutty, nothing gentle or sweet between these
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