Commentary On The Documentary 'Gasland' By Fox

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Many health issues were extensively discussed in past seven weeks, and I can truly say they were all informative. The subject of hydraulic fracking, however, caught my attention. I have vaguely paid attention to the effect of hydraulic fracking on communities prior to taking this class. Therefore, I have to say, watching the documentary “Gasland” By Fox was a true eye opener for me. To see the devastation caused by the process of fracking which was fueled by the greed of some American politicians and the gas industry was very disheartening and inexcusable; the blatant disregard for human lives, wildlife and the environment for monetary gain is inexcusable. Also In this section of the class, I also realized that my state of residence, Illinois, …show more content…

Unfortunately, some politicians and citizens do not realize that even though, the current Illinois water are not yet black in color and does not catch on fire when exposed to a flame, eventually the citizens that reside within or outside the vicinity of fracked lands will suffer detrimental health consequences in the event of any chemical slippage into the ground water or air. Secondly, I would like to investigate the cost analysis of possible contamination from fracking in terms environmental contamination, human life, and wildlife. Thirdly, I would like to research other types of energy available to the state legislators for consideration as an alternative energy source for the state. In my opinion, there are many issues with fracking that the public is naive to, issues of how the actual record (not the summary) of the safety record of fracking in Illinois will be disseminated to the public. This and all the other questions raised in the above paragraph are questions that the public need detailed answer to, in order to stir the state away from sanctioning such a dangerous and unpredictable practice of producing

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