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side bet xx. - at 23 years old "One more hit..." he murmured, "Just one more hit, and then I 'm done." That 's right - one more line up, one last snort, and that was it. Or so he told himself. At that point, the man had already began to doubt himself, fully aware of the fact that he had been repeating the same line over and over again for the past few.. days, months, years? He 'd already forgotten when he had started to do drugs, with no one to remind him, though he wouldn 't be shocked to find out that it had been going on for a couple of years. However, the memory of how and what triggered him to do drugs still played crystal clear in his mind, able to reenact the scene just as if it had happened yesterday. But the memory was too…show more content…
His fellow peers would have done many things for him without question, in hopes of receiving and expensive gift from him, and so on. Even the adults doted on him, commenting on how he, such a bright little thing, had all the potential in the world to hit it big in the future, and certainly deserve it. But today, here, in the future, the man who had once stood upon a pedestal was now reduced to this mess, what most people would 've called a drug addict. It was shameful, really. But one of the reasons why he was taking the drug was so that he wouldn 't have to remember his past, his childhood, all of the bad things that would plague his mind without the help of alcohol or drugs. It was a tad ironic that the man was trying to remember his past now, of all times. But not so long after, the man had drowned himself in the pleasurable sensation the drug was giving him. His senses started to tingle, and his mind began to fuzz. He felt giddy as if he were a child again. This numb sensation - this was what he was looking for, the kind of feeling that would make you forget about all of the bad things, even if it only lasted for a moment. With a lopsided grin, the man, who, at the moment, was a child, allowed gravity to pull him back towards the wooden floor with a soft thud. He started to stare at the ceiling as if it were the most interesting thing in the world, waiting for the drug to do its job - to extract all of the horrible, icky emotions that
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