Commentary of Adam Liptak´s Article Regarding Gay Marriage and Child Rearing

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Adam Liptak, a journalist for the New York Times, explained in Utah, in Opposing Gay Marriage, Find Three Arguments are Better than One why a heterosexual relationship is better for raising children in. The Utah law that would have allowed same sex couples to marry was recently shot down. Liptak goes on to explain why he agrees with the bill not being passed. The article states that this was important in “holding up and encouraging man-woman unions as the ‘preferred’ arrangement in which to raise children” (Liptak, 2014, para. 12). This discrimination towards same sex couples wanting to raise children is appalling. Homosexual couples should have the right to raise children just as heterosexual couples do. Liptak argued his point by raising his concern for responsible procreation within society. He suggested that responsible procreation was between a man and woman inside of marriage. However, denying the right to marry and adopt to same-sex couples the government is helping to increase the norm of sex and child raising outside of marriage. A lot of work and thought must go into the adoption of or alternative conception of a child. These processes are time consuming and the couple must put much thought and effort into having and raising a child before acquiring one through adoption, foster care, or using alternative conception methods. Children raised in a loving, nurturing environment have the largest advantage no matter the sexual orientation of the couple. According

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