Commentary of Sun and Shadow by Ray Bradbury

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As members of a first-world nation, we are disrespectfully quick to point out the flaws and downfalls of impecunious societies and use the societies like mere scenery, even though we walk together on this earth. In “Sun and Shadow," Ray Bradbury manipulates Ricardo to convey to the reader the impertinence from outsiders and the responses from Ricardo and his fellow townspeople. A photographer is encountered doing a photo shoot on Ricardo’s property, and Ricardo becomes unhappy with his presence and angrily tells him to leave. After Ricardo’s increasingly sharp comments and attitudes augment, the photographer becomes satirical and facetious, poking fun at the lifestyle in which Ricardo lives. The short-tempered townsman reveals…show more content…
The photographer’s inconsiderate remarks prompts Ricardo to rebel, these harsh comments characterize the photographer as a rude foreigner, a quality that follows him throughout the story. “Muttering” his disbelief at the sight of Ricardo’s “‘indecent’” actions, the photographer, “snap[ping], bit[ing], bark[ing], and woof[ing],” judged Ricardo and the police officer to be of idiotic mindset and unorthodox morals. By characterizing the photographer in a beast-like fashion, Bradbury manipulates the photographer in a way to make the reader dislike him while juxtaposing him to the well-liked Ricardo, a man by himself standing up for his people. The condescension evident in the photographer’s voice persuades one to believe that his insensitive comments toward Ricardo are a generalization of the judgments of the western world. The photographer’s crass remarks and undignified actions categorize him as a symbol of the civilized and modern societies’ mindset. Reactions from the onlooking crowd exemplify the approval of Ricardo’s actions, and the knowledge that he is not of unintelligent nature. As the jovial crowd was “gathering,” Ricardo continued to verbally batter the photographer, and the crowd, “now…of fair size” continued to “look upon [Ricardo] and smile” (26, 55, 110). The affirmative reactions from the crowd motivate Ricardo to continue fighting for his ideals and for his town. Against the photographer alone, Ricardo is weak, but with the

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