Commentary on Bernie McGill's No Angel

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Sometimes, losing a near friend or a family member can be a hard to overcome, and difficult to imagine that the person isn’t alive anymore. This maybe be very familiar to many, as we go through this. After you lose someone, there is a stage of grief and after a stage where you’re trying to accept that the person isn’t longer here. But sometimes it’s so difficult to overcome the stage that the person, simply believe that the person is still present and even imagining the person in the daily life. It is this theme, which is treated in Bernie McGill's short story “No Angel” from 2010. The main character Annie, deals with a daily struggle, where she imagines her family still being a part of her life, even though they’re dead. The short story is told in a 1.person narrative and the narrator is explicit because we get a glimpse of the main character's thoughts and feelings, and we see the events through the narrator’s eyes, but the stories that are told from a first person narrative can also be unreliable, since we only see from a viewpoint. The author has used a different structure than other short stories. The story begins in medias res and he uses this method to give the reader a different experience. There has also been used several flashbacks in the story to indicate the characters importance in the episode. This method is used because the author wants to create excitement in the story. Already in the beginning of the story, the main character sees a flashback of

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