Commentary on Candide by Voltaire and Irrational Man by William Barrett

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The first item I will be discussing is Candide which is a satire written by the philosopher François Marie Arouet who is known by his pseudonym Voltaire. Candide main characters adapt the idea that everything happens for the best, no matter how bad it is. It talks about a man who falls in love with a woman and after that he goes through a lot of hardships as he travels the world with his many companions. The novelattacks the church through irony and satire, it mentions how the church punishes people for having heretical ideas, which contradicts the aims of the Enlightenment as the latter supports explaining the world through science in a way that separates the ideas from those mentions in the Bible. The novel includes a character named…show more content…
It was seen that his Two treatises of government.Were the reason behind the English revolution of (1688-1689) also known as the glorious revolution, although the treatises were published in 1690, John Locke wrote them before the glorious revolution, which was an unknown fact during the Enlightenment.The freemasons are a society with a ritual and ethical component who came to the rise in the late seventeenth century in England and Scotland as people were searching for a new religiosity during the enlightenment. Important philosophers such as Voltaire joined the society. Again, as it happened before to many philosophers, membership in the lodge was condemned by the pope in 1738.
Irrational Man by William Barrett distributed in 1958 served to acquaint existentialism with the English speaking world. His composition style is conversational, and he requires significant investment to characterize terms and give the onlooker foundation on philosophical terms and ideas, so this book is pointed at a general spectator inquisitive about the point. Irrational Man is an incredible read for anybody intrigued by existentialism. William Barrett does not bore, and he blankets existentialism from it’s establishes in Hebraism and Hellenism to its advancement by its most celebrated internationally spokesman, Jean-Paul Sartre. For Barrett, existentialism is a particular and pertinent matter,

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