Commentary on Capitalism in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

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The gruesome food facts and quality issues may have gotten most of the public’s attention but the stories heart is in the exposed untold truths about life in America and the plan evil nature of capitalism. Despite Mr. Sinclair’s efforts most of capitalisms short falls still exist and are more detrimental to the survival of the world and humane race then at any other time in its short blood thirsty history.
Mr. Sinclair is clearly presenting the social issues he observed in the capitalist society of his time. The world was sold on an idea that if a man worked hard and long he could build a better life in the land opportunity. America was rumored to be a place with no barriers between a man and prosperity, no racial divides, a place where all men are equal and dreams can come true. The only problem was in order to dream one must be asleep to the reality of the waking world. This was the dream like state that Jurgis and his family where rudely awaken from as they learned the hard way what life in America was really like.
In fact many of the issues faced by our antagonist were unavoidable. The lack of familiarity with the local laws and proceedings stem from their overall lack of education and the great American capitalist society loved to take advantage of this as evident in the spotty condition of the pagan family’s new…
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