Commentary on Things Fall Apart's Okonkwo and Unoka

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My focus will be on the relationship between Unoka and Okonkwo. I chose that topic because it is interesting to find out how father and son can differ in so many ways.
Eventhough they are directly blood related, Unoka and Okonkwo have a very different characteristic. Unoka the father was a very lazy and wasteful man, while Okonkwo is everything Unoka was not. Many people have been asking the same question on this strange matter since they are more familiar with the saying ‘like father, like son’. But Okonkwo is different, since he was a child; he has been through neglected-like situation. He has spent days without food, and received all the teases and jokes of unoka’s incapabilities which were thrown upon him. He then became traumatized of
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Maybe inwardly the words have meaning in Okonkwo’s heart no matter how little it is.
Feelings from Okonkwo towards Unoka were mostly dominated by anger and embarrassment, and will be presented as my IOP in the form of a poem: (next page)
Why did I choose poem as my media of interpretation is because poem is very expressive, and also because Okonkwo’s unexpressive nature.
The first two stanza of the poem, are contrasting with the third, fourth, and fifth stanza. First and second stanzas tell us about Okonkwo’s childhood period. The mood and atmosphere are dominated with anger and embarrassment because of Unoka’s incapability which makes Okonkwo suffers.

12 summers of growling face,
Can break the jaw of all menace.
And here by goes the explosion---
Nothing happened but code expression.
In the burning sun, tomato has ripen,
Fall off the rotten tree, trampled in sight.

Can you even call yourself a father?
When you are not at all a provider.
12 summers of cold, tears and sorrow,
Never even once you thought about tomorrow.
I sat down under the dark thunderous cloud,
Wondering how much the price of proud.

Now 24th spring is my time,
And yams grow abundantly in line.
Like a firm tree, my leaves covered all,
Flowers and fruits clustered in enormous wall.
And when my feet stomp the ground,
Every god creation bows down.

Im nothing like you, you know
I close my affection because it brings sorrow.
Im strong, im powerful, im muscular,
My power I use to fight everything secular.

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