Commentary on Who Invited Them? By Tom Eagan

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Who Invited Them? By Tom Eagan was written in 1977; the time period for this play can be in any time period. The director wouldn’t need to adjust much to make it suitable in a time period he/she would want it to be in. The setting is really important for this play because the main character is from the south but recently moved back to her small little town from New York after her husband died, and her brother in law called her out of the blue and told her he is moving the family down to the south from New York since they think the south will be a better place since the people are friendlier. The setting makes the whole play come together since she needs to show how much the south isn’t has great and perfect as her brother in law and his…show more content…
Minnie and Pritchard are very important to the storyline because when they meet without knowing that they are related by law, they start liking each other. Since they start liking each other and talking Minnie finds out from Pritchard that apparently her dad isn't in the cheese business but in the mafia! Thats the lie that Sylvia told her nephew so he could try to arrest Harry! This is one of the main lies that lead to everyone finding out that Sylvia lied to her friends and nephew about Harry! I really liked Minnies character because she was the typical teenager that fell in love with a boy that she just met and wanted to stay in town! I just think she is very humourous, it adds to the story! I don't think these characters really tell a special message, this is just a comedic play! You do learn that the truth will come out, but Sylvia didn't learn any consequences so she didn't learn anything out of her scheme! The audience and characters can learn that its probably best to just tell something the truth and the problem you have with them so it can get fixed; going through all the scheming and lying is too much work! The motivation of Sylvia is to get Harry to not move to the south! On page 31 Sylvia is talking to Claudia and says, “If he comes here and likes it, he’ll tell him friends, and they’ll come. Soon our community will be overrun. We’ll have no chance of a clean city government,

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