Commentary on the Lost Heritage by Heather Buck Essay

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Commentary on the Lost Heritage by Heather Buck

The Lost Heritage by Heather Buck expresses the message that in today's lifestyle, we have lost our touch with our past. The main theme of the poem is the fact that the present's children are not informed about their detailed past. We are blind to the importance and significance of our heritage.

The opening phrase "Coreopsis, saffron, madder, daily we tread kaleidoscopes of [color], on Persian rugs we set our feet" indicates that we have a colorful and bright heritage but that daily we ignore it and shun ourselves out from that. We "tread" on it as if it meant nothing to us. It is clear that Heather Buck views our heritage as a wondrous object
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It adds increasing support to the fact that we are "blind" to our heritage and shows us the hardships that our ancestors faced in the creation process of our heritage. Heather Buck compares us to "a man whose past and present are folded into one whole." By this she implies that although we do not have our entire past locked within us, there is still some aspects that we overlook that have come from the past. This is then reinforced by the line "we inherit more than we know from the dust and bones of those lying under the churchyard's stones". By the dust and bones, Heather Buck relates to the now dead ancestors who are buried and decayed. She tells us that although we feel that a person who had lived 300 to 400 years back had given us nothing of great value, the truth is we had received a lot of our current traditions and values from their creation. The next half of the stanza then relates to the hard labor and lifestyle of our ancestors. It is described that they had "sweated their lives in high summer to the rhythmic clatter of treadle and shuttle". The first mention of the seasons of the year is shown in this line. Summer is introduced as a hard laborious time and it implies that it was the summer of the ancestor's life or otherwise known as the productive stage. By the use of the words "treadle" and

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