Comments on the Ecological Footprint Reduction Project.

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Since you are asking about our ideas I assume that you don’t know about energy and the advantages that your company can have when using it in an eco-system friendly manner, First off what is energy? Well energy exists everywhere and any were; when your fingers touch the keys of your keyboard that’s energy; your nervous system is sending “signals” to the brain. How is this possible you ask? First thing that we have to understand is that everything is made up of atoms; what makes an atom are three things; Protons, Neutrons and third are Electrons; some atoms have more protons, neutrons and electron than others no two things have the same amount of atoms but at the same time atoms are everywhere; in your spoon, air, mountains in the sun you name it atoms make up everything it’s like everything is connected; it’s like where all one big organism or body. The Buddhist Monks had something like this figured out thousands of years ago and religious scholars believe Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, when typing this later I can feel the buttons on the keyboard because of the energy moving from one atom to the next it’s like their blood cells, from my hands all the way to my brain, jumping from one cell to the next on till the energy reaches the brain allowing me to know that each button on the key…
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