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An investigative study on the business ownership: in particular, John Chea #1 & #8 as a private limited company.

A research paper presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course BGCSE Commerce.

Candidate Name: Chymia Johnson
School Name: St. Andrews School
Date Submitted: 29th August, 2013

Table of contents

Title Page
Introduction 3
Chapter One: Determine what type of company John Chea is 5
Chapter Two: Find out the types of services John Chea provide for its customers
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As there are advantages, being a private limited company can have its disadvantages. Some disadvantages are:

If shares can only be sold to family or friends with the agreement of all the shareholders it is likely that additional investment made through the sale of shares will be limited.
Profits generated by the company may have to be shared between increasingly large numbers of shareholders.
Accounts detailing the financial performance of the company have to be produced and checked by firms of accountants, which can be expensive.
It is difficult to sell your shares and leave the company because any buyers have to be approved by the remaining shareholders.

The private limited company offers a variety of services. With John Chea, the services offered are mainly grocery and food. One service offered is the retail grocer. John Chea can be considered a supermarket. Some items offered at John Chea are dry groceries, meat, produce, hair accessories, medications, etc. As you walk in the store, there are many items displayed on shelves. If you would like to purchase an item, you can go straight to the cashier and pay in cash or by credit/debit cards. The figure below shows the retail section of the store.

Another service offered by John Chea is wholesale. Vendors usually buy their products from John Chea using wholesale. The items offered
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