Commerce in the Post-Renaissance World

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24 July 2010 Essay Exam Commerce in the post-Renaissance World Commerce, throughout the post-renaissance era has become increasingly more important. In the seventeenth century, the idea of Technological Project (control of nature for human benefit) was introduced by Bacon and Descartes. This was very important because at the time, many people thought in terms of conformity to nature, not in terms of transforming nature for human benefit. Thinking in terms of conformity constrains individual freedom as far as innovation, which is the opposite of what TP is trying to accomplish. Inner-directed individuals are required for TP in order to produce innovative ideas that are both scientific and technical, in order to understand and…show more content…
Free market economy, again, creates competition which then leads to innovation from creative thinking of autonomous individuals. A limited government, such as a commercial government, is required in order to have a successful and functioning free market society. Such a government provides legal context for contractual agreements, and maintaining law, but does not constrain the freedom of individual thinkers. This type of government does not interfere with the competitive nature, and innovative process of the free market. In fact, such government protects the rights of individuals and their interests, ideas, and innovations. In a government such as democracy, an individual’s freedom might be less than a Republic government, therefore limiting competition and innovation. Competition is constant in such an economy (limited government) that protects these rights and ideas. This form of government is a Republic, in other words not a government of men but one of laws. Unlike a democracy, the Republic involves constitutional law. This form of government is meant to protect the rights of individuals, not the privileges of the majority. By protecting the rights of individuals, competition and innovation is extremely prevalent. A Republic government consists of the common good, which consists of the conditions which individuals obtain their self-interest. Such conditions include tolerations, rule of law, etc. A legal

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