Commercial Advertising : A Primary Attribute Of American Culture Essay

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So far this year, the United States advertising industry has spent about $200 billion on advertising, and $75 billion of that being on commercial advertising (CITATION). Advertising has always been a primary attribute of American culture, and especially the past couple years, commercial advertising has become the central strategy in the presidential race. In the 2016 presidential election, Republicans and Democrats together spent about $4.4 billion on their commercial advertising campaigns (CITATION), trying to persuade citizens on who to vote for and why. But do you ever stop and think about all the aspects of the message? Commercial advertising aspects are all significant, and are considered to be “works of popular art”, as Berger would say (CITATION). Lotman explains, just like art, “Everything in a text such as a commercial is important; and the more you know, the more you can see in a text” (Berger, ). This is because commercial advertising is a lot more powerful and persuasive than we imagine, especially when it comes to politics. In order to completely fulfill my interpretation of political commercial advertising, I will be using the Sociological and Political approach to analyze two political commercial advertisements. It’s very common for commercial advertisements during presidential elections to examine social issues. In this year 's election, Hillary Clinton’s strategy was to quote Donald Trump to portray him as a sexist candidate. Hillary Clinton is a worldwide
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