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Commercial Analysis
Extra Gum Commercial: The Story of Sarah and Juan

Extra Gum released a commercial to touch the hearts of potential gum costumers. It is set up in the style of a music video to a touching love song. The video starts in a High School where are girl and guy, Sarah and Juan; meet eyes for the first time. Then Sarah offers Juan some Extra gum. The video then fast-forwards to Sarah and Juan after a date in a car and they have their first kiss. This kiss is also followed with Sarah offering Juan some gum. Then the montage quickly shows Sarah and Juan together in fall, winter, and even at Prom, after each Sarah continues to offer some Extra gum to Juan. Then as Sarah and Juan age, Extra gum seems to be a part of their life.
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This commercial is using an emotional appeal due to the humor. Also, this is a testimony by a popular music artist that she uses Apple Music. I do believe that this had an effective message because the humor really appealed to the youth masses. This commercial went viral within hours. Really what better publicity can you
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