Commercial Bank of Africa Case Study Mgt 501

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Executive summary
The Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) case examines the challenges CBA is facing in trying to introduce change in an organization. The problem is compounded because first, the management wants to introduce change in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) management structure, and secondly, the existing structure is working very well. This results in the Managing Director of CBA, being in a dilemma whether to introduce the change or not.
The Kenya’s banking sector has witnessed rapid growth in the recent past resulting in a scramble for the available customers. There were 49 banks in Kenya in 2003. The banks face stiff competition and the only way to survive is by being updated
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In the proposed model, line managers would be responsible for generating and owning new IT projects and products. They would manage project implementation with the help of the IT department. When complete, all the departments would have total ownership.

2. Change in the Role played by the IT department and other departments
The IT department had been used to take the lead
In the new model, IT staff had to learn to play new roles and required new skills. The first was that they would continue to give development support to line functions but they now had to give business support in project management for each line function. Secondly, they had to work with managers to set priorities in their functional area systems planning. Thirdly, they would be required to give technical services and the employees would have to have up-to-date technical knowledge.

3. Managing risks
Risks were increasing due to project complexity and span of operations that had become more expensive. The IT staff would be deployed to a smaller central systems department and to functional areas like foreign exchange, treasury, and customer accounts. In this scenario, a single person would not monitor and manage overall risks. Ordinarily, Mr. Abwoga, the IT Manger oversaw all IT projects. The IT personnel therefore could not have one unit of command, and whereas they were to report to the
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