Commercial Dispute On New York

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The Delays Involved with Commercial Disputes in New York, NY

Commercial disputes in New York, New York often take much longer to resolve than the parties anticipate. Due to a number of factors, commercial disputes in New York, New York, may linger in the court system for years. Because these cases may take so long to resolve, many parties have turned to mediation to more quickly finalize these cases.

Many commercial disputes involve a number of parties, many of whom may not be known at the time of the dispute. Tracking down all of the parties in a commercial dispute may take several weeks, and ensuring that they are named properly in court documents takes additional time. Similarly, many of these parties may be difficult to locate after a lawsuit has been filed. Why does this matter? A defendant must not only be named properly in a lawsuit, but also must be served with notice of the lawsuit. If a defendant is particularly difficult to locate or serve, it will delay progress in the case.

When several parties are involved in a commercial dispute, coordinating communication between them is often difficult. As the case progresses, it may take months to schedule depositions of the parties and their witnesses, as the schedules of the individuals being deposed, as well as the schedules of the parties’ attorneys,…
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