Commercial Fixtures Inc Case Essay

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Commercial Fixtures Inc. Case a) What does Commercial Fixtures do? What is their competitive position in the market place? CFI manufactures custom-engineered fluorescent lighting fixtures used for commercial and institutional applications Strive on designing products that are specific to the customer’s/lighting Goals in the company are to find the right product for the customer’s particular needs and build a relationship with the customers Their prices aren’t as sensitive as other commonplace lighting fixtures. b) As a third party under the same conditions (i.e. with the same information), what would you bid for the entire company (both halves)? Why? c) What do you expect Albert Evans to bid for Gordon’s half interest? Why?…show more content…
But when Albert came back, disagreements were worse 1992: sold Golden plant and put whole company in Denver Gordon spent time with sales manager trying to change company from regional to national Albert spent time in engineering, design, and manufacturing areas Purchased plant for good price…with new equipment and deleted marginal product lines as they expanded nationally 1992?: Company was expanding…and so was the team (6 ppl) Evans worked on applications engineering for custom fixtures and new product design, sales manager, financial manager, engineering manager, plant manufacturing manager, and Gordon Disagreements began. Albert got to the point where he

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