Commercial Properties Of Commercial Real Estate Properties

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Commercial Real Estate Properties Commercial real estate are properties that are prepared for buildings, apartments or for business types. They are not utilized for residential usage. “There is a kind of residential real estate property that is meant for family residence”, Dolf de Roos, 2010. A commercial property is usually created for investing at one point in time. Yet there are several operating expenses to the property owner relating to the building price, insurance fee etc., nonetheless there is a cash inflow that generates from tenants to the property owner once the property has been rented to a tenant(s). An Example of a Real Estate Property The commercial property I am viewing is locate at 201 Sugarloaf Rd, Hendersonville, NC…show more content…
This includes a game room, a Jacuzzi, a laundry area, a heated pool so that it can be used during the winter months. This property also comes with a fitness room and sauna for the travelers that want and need some relaxation. The property includes a banquet room, and the banquet room comes with a greeting area, as well as commercial galley, and 3 ballrooms for entertaining. The building is located with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain. The property has a warm glowing stone fireplace which opens to the outdoor patio for sitting both inside and outside dining. This property is located close to scenic road trip travel like the Chimney Rock, and the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. Analysis of a Property for an Investment Purpose The functioning interstate hotel would be a good investment. In my opinion I believe it would be good for investing because it has as many of the qualities and features that a hotel should have. Being located in the root of the city I feel there will be plenty of hometown customers and travelers for varies reasons. Even with this in mind I still feel it is essential to do the proper due diligence prior to making a bid. “Due diligence is necessary for every kind of offer of the property holders to the tenant”, Dolf de Roos, 2010. “There should be a follow of 100:10:3:1 rule in this that states that we do search 100 offers out of them only 10 are liked”, Dolf de Roos, 2010. So from 10 you might end up liking 3 of them
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