Commercial Sexual Exploitation Of Children

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these children have never had a stable upbringing or positive parental influence in their life. Like drug and gun trafficking, it 's an industry based on supply and demand, and every year traffickers generate billions of dollars by victimising millions of people. Traffickers use false promises of lucrative jobs, education or a loving relationship to entrap victims. Sometimes poor families are told that their children are being taken to work in garment factories, or even as models and that the family will benefit from remitted income. But in practice, recruiters often indebt their victims with hefty recruitment and travel fees, and take advantage of victims ' unfamiliarity with foreign laws and culture. Thus the commercial sexual exploitation of children offers traffickers increasingly large profits with lessening risk. With human life valued at an all-time low in many countries as populations increase, internet grants greater access to children and previously unattainable profits. Even small time traffickers now make big time money. As a result, drug dealers, gangs, and organised crime have been lured from traditional crime into the big business of human trafficking. To an increasing extent we find them dealing in children instead of guns or drugs. They value profits over human rights. Examples of human trafficking stories from different areas of the world from the US Department of State “Trafficking in Persons Report 2013”: Hawaii - United States Mauri was 16 years
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