Commercial Surrogacy Is Morally Wrong

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Commercial surrogacy is becoming a growing practice worldwide, where the surrogate mother is “anyone who is paid money to bear a child for other people and terminates her parental rights, so that the others may raise the child as exclusively their own” (Anderson 71). People may imply that such an act is morally and ethically wrong, but to a utilitarian, it is believed that commercial surrogacy is morally right because it is providing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It allows for everyone to be happy, the couple/family will have a baby, and the surrogate mother will receive a monetary reward and the joy of being able to give birth for another family. The overall outcome of the action is morally good. One may say that…show more content…
Some countries and certain states in America even consider the contracts to be null or unenforceable when brought into court. An example of this would be a New Jersey Supreme Court case that took place in February 1988, where there was a court “...ruling that commercial surrogacy contracts are illegal because they conflict with both public policy and adoption laws” (Anleu 40). This leads to the speculation of why it is acceptable to have adoption laws and contracts, but not acceptable to have surrogacy contracts? Do they not have the same overall concept? All human beings have the right to procreate. They also have the freedom to enter into contracts. Bring the two factors together, it would mean that entering into a contract to procreate is morally right. Which also means that is it also acceptable to sign and agree to surrogacy…show more content…
In addition to the fact that a surrogate baby can be genetically related to one or both parents, the surrogate mother will know that she will be leaving the baby in good hands, to parents who will be committed to nurture and care for the child, having already paid such a large amount of money to have the child. Plus, the baby will not have to grow up feeling abandoned by his/her parents. Instead, he/she will be a child that is created out of
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