Commercial Whaling Research Paper

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Introduction According to researchers there have been over 15.000 whales killed in Japan and Norway since the 1900’s. Not to mention the amount of minke whales killed for research by the Japanese whaling fleets. In this assignment I will give my opinion on Japan’s continued killing of whales despite the ban on commercial whaling. Do you agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non -endangered species of whales as a culture exemption? I believe that the Japanese and Norwegian people should have standardized limits just as does any other country when it comes to hunting and/or fishing regulations. I do agree with the Japanese and the Norwegians position on being permitted to hunt “non-endangered” whales as a cultured exemption for food purposes regulations exist, without them cultural exemptions allow them to kill whales at a more alarming rate. I believe that there needs to be better enforcement of the regulations which already exist. Although I agree that some…show more content…
On one hand I completely agree with Japan, and Norway expressing their views on the exemption on cultural grounds from an international whaling ban, simply because of their sovereignty rights. There are a number of villagers that are dependent on whaling to provide food, and other necessity for their families. On the other hand, there are a host of negatives factors involved with mass killings of whales, for one it is inhumane to kill so many whales in such a short time period. Second, the slaughtering of an endangered and intelligent species for something as unnecessary as overpriced delicacies including whale oils. With that said, I believe that the economic impact has a big influence on my decision to agree with such a heinous crime to continue to allow whaling as long as it is properly regulated and that those regulations are
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