Commercial on T.V.: Ronald McDonald Likes Taco Bell

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I do not often pay attention to commercials on the television but recently one caught my eye advertising Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu. The commercial consisted of several gentlemen stating their names, all named Ronald McDonald, eating some of the products, and stating that they like Taco Bell’s breakfast items. All the gentlemen in the commercial participated in a focus group where they got to try the product first before giving their opinion. It was kind of like getting word of mouth advertising the way the commercial was set up. I found it amusing because Ronald McDonald is the name of the mascot of McDonalds which is in competition with Taco Bell. This was a marketing concept not an accident and it is pretty clever. The first P of marketing is product, or in this case service, the commercial was about Taco Bell’s breakfast service. The service is about giving people another fast food breakfast option. Taco Bell offers some novel concepts and familiar favorites to typical fast food breakfast options. I do not feel that there is a specific demographic or group of people that the service is for. I think it is just for the general public. It’s a convenience service where they offer breakfast food fast that is easy to eat. If I had to choose a target consumer group for the service it would be people that already eat fast food breakfast elsewhere. As far as promotions go the television advertisement was effective in getting my attention. However this commercial was more

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