Commercialisation Of Sports For The United States

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Introduction During the twentieth century, the United States adopted industrialization, which resulted in mass production of different products. The increased number of products made the companies find new ways to make consumers increase their buying capacities. This fact compelled the advertisers in the United States to come up with a sense of arousing the desires of consumers to purchase the products. Nowadays, marketing in United States has also involved the use of a technique of targeting a certain group so as to enhance their buying interests (Sivulka, 2012). The tools through which the general information about a product launch is conveyed to the common people are known as commercials and the process is called the commercialisation. The process is segmented in various phases like production, distribution, marketing, sales and lastly the service to the customers after dispatch. The commercialisation of sports involves use, display and sale of sports items by different vendors to different sports persons. It enhances the income generation for the sports persons along with the vendors whose sports goods they use. However, commercialisation in sports basically aims to make the sports more entertaining, catchier to the common people and more colourful so that it can be enjoyed by all sections of people of the society to their fullest (Koski & Lämsä, 2015). This research is basically concerned with the commercialisation of the tailgate games in the homecoming events of

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