Commercials and Their Propaganda Techniques

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Why do commercials use propaganda techniques? Is it to influence our emotions or is it because they lack actual factual support for their claims? The answer is both. Propaganda techniques are used by advertisers, salespeople, and politicians because they lack adequate factual support for their points, so they appeal to our emotions by using propaganda techniques. In the particular commercial for the Samsung Galaxy smart phones, Name Calling, Plain Folks, and Bandwagon propaganda techniques are used. It is no secret that smart phone creators have to appeal to average consumers and get them to jump on board to buy their product. So in a not so surprising way to gather new customers, Samsung releases a commercial the same day another major…show more content…
These “new and innovative” features discussed were small digs at Apple. There’s a growing majority of consumers who feel as though Apple has hit a plateau in creating innovative smart phone features, so these small digs can be used as name calling or the use of emotionally loaded language or negative comment to turn people against a rival product. The primary one is the advertisement is name calling because although plain folks and bandwagon techniques were used, the main purpose of the commercial was to criticize a major competitor and their customers in a mocking way and also to boast about features found in the
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