Commissioning Of The Modern Health Care

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MDM111: Commissioning Liaison Psychiatry Services More Effectively to Meet the Challenges of Modern Health care Economy.


Mental healthcare needs to be funded in conjunction with physical healthcare (1) (8) (9) so that liaison psychiatry services to address mental health needs are included in specifications for emergency, unscheduled and elective physical healthcare. This principle should also apply to complex or regional services, such as those that are commissioned through national service commissioning. Funding mechanisms for liaison psychiatry, such as commissioning, need to be applied so that services are cohesive and can provide holistic patient care (10).
Thirty per cent of people with a long-term physical condition
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Liaison psychiatry services (LPS) provide psychiatric assessment and treatment to those patients who may be experiencing distress whilst in hospital and provide a valuable interface between mental and physical health.
This is even more important as a high proportion of people with physical health conditions also have co-morbid mental health problems, many of these problems go undiagnosed and untreated leading to poorer health outcomes and higher costs of care. In addition, mental health co-morbidities increase hospital costs by 45- 75% per case, the extra costs of physical health care associated with mental health co-morbidities and medically unexplained symptoms amount to around £13.5 billion a year(11). Across a range of conditions, each patient with co-morbid depression costs health services between 30 and 140 per cent more than equivalent patients without depression (4).
Although there are guidelines available for the commissioning of LPS (5), the level of service provision remains heterogeneous in different parts of the country(7) and interestingly differ significantly even within the same Acute and Mental health NHS Trust. The difference in service provision is reflective of the service provider, source of funding and commissioning agreements. I have
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