Commitment In Nursing Care Plan

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After this realization then the nurse can plan for the next step in the care plan. Throughout the process, the nurse should enforce the importance of staying committed throughout the whole process. Commitment is important because it shows the abuser that there are not signs of weakness and that they can’t inflict their power over the victim any longer. Notify the patient that there will be some hardships but ensure that the end result is the better and healthier choice. If there was actual physical abuse and there is evidence of it like bruising around the neck, encourage the patient to file a report to law enforcement. The next step to ensure the patient’s safety would be to file for a temporary restraining order. If there have been multiple incidents of domestic abuse the judge may order a permanent restraining order that is valid for 3 years. For immediate protection, a temporary retraining order will be sufficient. This order will be active for 20 to 25 days, which will give the patient time to make plans for the future (Judicial Council of California, 2015).…show more content…
Some agencies are not able to provide some immediate housing so the nurse should proceed to making a referral to a shelter. When patients have no family or cannot turn to them because they are compromised there are other living options. Shelters serve the purpose for immediate housing but the downside is that is for short-term stay. The purpose of the shelter is to give women time to plan their next step in transitioning out of an abusive home into a healthier one. There are many positive things about short-term housing like providing them with food and clothing at no cost for the victim. Some shelters have crisis counseling and weekly support groups that are available on
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