Essay on Commitment to Community

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Commitment to community is a requirement for contemporary Americans and vital to its survival. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the unselfish act of sharing: from a cup of sugar to a wealth of information to the guardianship of all children involved and the protection of every individual in that said community. Whether that community consists of the “Classic Neighborhood, those with a common set of goals, or those who share a common identity” the thread that holds this matrix together is always woven into the shared identity as well as responsibility of all involved. (Redmond, 2010). A community cannot continue to exist through the will of withdrawn individuals who arms only embrace themselves and have no involvement whatsoever with …show more content…
However, in the Gemeinschaft they remain essentially united in spite of all separating factors, whereas in the Gesellschaft they are essentially separated in spite of all uniting factors. (Tonnies, 1957, p. 50).
Gesellschaft helps hide the dormant cells of individuality that rots any vibrant community. Responsibility to others becomes irrelevant and a useless logo in the familiar diction of independence. Lone wolves in the wild hardly ever survive, yet, they will take advantage of the resources of their habitat for as long as they can, even devouring the carcass of their own kind. So is the case of self-preserving individuals who will bankrupt the wealth of the community with constant withdrawals from those committed to the survival of the group without ever making any meaningful deposits.
The sharing of information has to be the most vital entity, outside of unity, in a community. Common interests are supported, carried, and guarded by those participants of a neighborhood or group. Alderman Edward M. Burke of the 14th Ward of Chicago has been alderman since 1969 after his father’s death in May 1968. The “Back of the Yards” community has continually supported him for over 30 years. In return the community has received additional funding for education, land grants, public parks renovations, and millions of dollars poured into their ward. It has been in the community’s best and most common
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