Commodore Matthew Perry

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If you were to look at any events in history, you will be able to dissect differently through many different schools of thought. You can be empiricist in nature where you want to know exactly how something in the past exactly or one of the plethora of others. The topic of intimacy on the frontier is the basis for this paper and this paper specifically will be based on how the opening of Japan by the United States by Commodore Matthew Perry for consumerism that would go on transform Japan thereafter. This paper will look intimate at the life of Perry and the how the United States lead up to the opening and the history of Japan and the people that met with Perry at the opening. This will lead to a closer history of this event and will help flesh…show more content…
Hawks who was a priest but also historian in an academic pastime, he was later was promoted to historiographer of his church. He wrote his book titled, Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan: Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan. He wrote this narrative on that of Commodore Perry but this time as a more personal perspective. The historian is more of an objective routine historian and is more moral in his approach to history. “But besides these, Thunberg also that the descendants of the eldest and noblest families, of the princes and lords of the Empire, are somewhat majestic in their shape and countenance, being more like Europeans, and that ladies of distinction. who seldom go out into the open air without being covered, are perfectly white.” This race differential theory that Hawks uses and describes is a very dated way of look at the people of any nation let alone Japan. This just shows how Hawks has been entrenched in the outdated non-objective aspects of this history that Hawks brought up. He is a pastor and probably more conservative in his historical views, perhaps this is why he subscribes to such a racist tendency. The historian, John Dover remarked in his work, Yokohama Boomtown, “For over 200 years until that date, the country’s samurai leaders had enforced a policy of seclusion from the outside world.” This shows that the people of Japan wanted to secluded up until…show more content…
The Japanese were not unknown to attempts to have them enter the consumerist world of the 19th century. Michael R. Austin bring this up in his book Negotiating with Imperialism, “The boundary’s physical manifestation was the trading complex at Nagasaki, on the southern island of Kyushu…Nagasaki first and foremost was closed to whom the bakufu wished to keep out of Japan.” The bakufu was basically the government of the time that was command by the Emperor. He later describes how Japan slowly rolled out their trade to other countries prior to the west that were mostly in Asian. He later describes how that the Japanese were uneasy to open to the west due to cultural boundaries instead of the aforementioned physical
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