Common And Extremely Successful Tactic Essay

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common and extremely successful tactic. The scarcity effect explains the cognitive evaluation that takes place when an individual is told that there is only a limited amount of an item left and that the individual must purchase this item quickly before it runs out (Lynn). This effect is more aimed towards women because, by social norms, women are seen as being the ones who go shopping all of the time. Many stores will put up signs that allude to their products only being available for a minimal amount of time in hopes to persuade women to purchase the item immediately without allowing them time to think over their true intentions of the purchase. This tactic has been observed as being successful. Considerably, the military is one of the largest organizations that is also incredibly efficient in their forms of advertising. Their most persuasive tactic includes the fact that they will provide an individual with a group to identify with. Social Identity is an important basic necessity for every human (Ashforth). The promise of being accepted into a group and given a prestigious label is very appealing to many. Social identification is also a way for someone to justify their classification of others as well as enable themselves to partake in self-labeling in relevance to their immediate environment. Interestingly enough, an individual only needs to see that they have similar goals to the group that they wish to identify with in order to be willing to become a member of that
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