Common Biblical Theme

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Final Assignment- Common Biblical Theme Colorado Christian University BIB110-A Kaylynn Twillie Have you ever been asked is there is a common theme of the Bible? If so how did you answer that question? My response to this question would be that we all must consider the fundamentals of the Bible. If the Bible is truly one book, the answer would have to be yes. This is most certainly the answer of Christian people from many places. Places with different languages, and a culture in which, for almost 2000 years, have continued to proclaim that the Bible is a revelation from God, our Heavenly Father. When looking through the Bible, you will eventually have the ability to confirm this testimony. Although the Bible was written by over 40…show more content…
We are exposed to the climax of history where the world is redeemed and we see the full manifestation of Gods’ glory. (1 Cr. 15:22-28). One of the grand themes of the Bible is redemption. However, redemption doesn’t seem to be considered a broad enough theme due to the lack of including all other subjects. Redemption does not include the topic of creation, which occurred before there was ever a need for redemption to take place. If we were to talk about redemption alone we would be leaving out the idea of Hell, Satan, fallen angels, true angels and so on. Many people have suggested that the theme of the Bible could be Christ himself. I could believe this as being truth due to the fact that in some sense Christ is the Creator of the world. (Jn. 1:1-3). When mankind began to fall, all the way up to the time of redemption the message the Bible relays is that Christ is the Savior of the World. Christ is most definitely prefigured in types; he is also predicted in prophecy as shown in Luke 24:25-27. If anyone gives you an answer to what is the main theme of the Bible, Christ must be a part of that answer. (Editor, 2012) I would have to say that the idea of the covenant is also an extremely important theme within the Bible. It is hard to give a specific theme of the Bible due to the fact that the covenant is definitely a main theme, along with Christ himself. In Romans 5:12, we read the story of God 's covenants with Adam and Christ. It teaches us what Adam did to
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