Common Bottlenose Dolphin

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According to the scientific name for the common bottlenose dolphin is “Tursiops truncates”. Like many other mammals, this dolphin has been classified. According to San Francisco State University Department of Geography “the kingdom Tursiops truncatus belongs to is Animalia, the phylum to which they are grouped in is Chordata, and their class is Mammalia. The order in which they belong to is cetacean, the suborder is odontoceti, their family is delphinidae, and the genus is tursiops.” Overtime, everything experiences change, even Tursiops truncates. “The order Cetacean is further divided in two types known as the Odontoceti, or toothed whales, and the Mysticeti, or baleen whales” (Cadelinia 5). The bottlenose dolphin falls into many categories. According to San Francisco State University of Department of Geography “the bottlenose dolphin falls into the oceanic family, which is comprised of thirty-four species. It has been concluded that dolphins, porpoises, and whales evolved from Mesonychilds, a group of land-loving carnivores. They have been estimated to have lived 60 to 35 million years ago. These mammals eventually explored the seam resulting in the morphological and physiological changes of their bodies to suit their newly discovered habitat”(Cadelinia 1). When looking at timeline pictures of these mammals, it seems to be that the shape of their beak has changed overtime…
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