Common Causes of Dehydration Essay

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It is over a hundred degrees outside, the sun is beating down and sweat is dripping down your face and soaking the back of your shirt. You have been outside doing yard work for a few hours now and have not had any water to drink. What happens to your body when it loses water and you are not replenishing it; dehydration. It may not seem like anything too serious but, in some cases, dehydration can actually cause some serious damage to your body, be life threatening and even cause death. The number of Americans that suffer from dehydration is actually quite high; 75 percent are living in a constant state of chronic dehydration. This means that for a substantial period of time their body has been without the correct amount of water that it…show more content…
Your body is rapidly losing the necessary nutrition, electrolytes and fluid it needs and is not able to replace it fast enough by absorbing water from food and liquid. Dehydration also occurs when the body has a high fever, which is usually the result of an infection or underlying illness like the common flu. There are also reasons which are not health related that cause dehydration, such as extreme alcohol consumption, exercising and being out in the heat. Both cause exercising and heat exposure cause excessive sweating as a result of the body’s temperature. When the body perspires it is losing water that under normal temperature conditions would be keeping it hydrated. Our body perspires because it is trying to cool itself down inside and keep itself from overheating. If your body is already dehydrated it will not sweat and will be unable to cool itself down. Drinking water before, during and after is always a good idea when exercising, out in the heat or area where it is humid. If the body does happen to become dehydrated what happens to it? Every system in the body depends upon water to function; all the organs, such as the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys and liver; as well as muscle tissue, cells, and joints. The body needs water to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Without a sufficient amount of water they cannot function efficiently. Dehydration causes the body to have to work overtime. Mild dehydration

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