Common Challenges Single Parents Face

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Chapter 3 Common Challenges Single parents Face in college The path to obtaining a college degree is fraught with challenges. There are so many obstacles just waiting to trip you up. Some issues can be managed easily, while others will stress you out and make you want to give up. That’s the reason why for many low-income single parents, obtaining a college degree is an impossible dream. Here are some common challenges and obstacles that single parents face: Lack of financial support It would be great if you could focus on your studies without worrying about money. However, unless you are independently wealthy or have a full ride scholarship, this may be your biggest challenge. Many single parents have little or no financial support available, and have to be really creative, and stick to a very tight budget. Of course, if money isn’t an issue for you, you can skip this part of the book. If you receive adequate child support and alimony, then you should consider yourself lucky. When I was in college, I received $300 a month in child support for two kids. I know many single moms who don’t get child support for one reason or the other. Many single moms earn low wages even when working full-time. These single moms have no hope of attending college without some financial support. It is not implausible to say there are many moms that wish they could go back to college, but are discouraged by the lack of financial support. My advice is use all available resources that are open to
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