Common Characteristics Of Effective Productive Teams

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Common Characteristics of Effective, Productive Teams No matter the personalities, effective teambuilding is an ongoing process. As a manager, it is up to you to constantly evaluate and be prepared to tweak the process when needed so that team members feel valued, heard and rewarded. Let’s take a look at the common elements shared by effective, productive teams. 1) Communication is sincere and honest. Team members do not engage in malicious talk about other team members. An effective team has a trust level built through shared work and commitment so that communication between two members is communication that can be heard by the whole team. The only noticeable tension concerns the completion of the task. Meetings are held regularly either to provide feedback, to spread information, to work on problems, to set goals, or to merely praise the team. Keeping the tone of some meetings light or playful will add an element of ease to the process that is a welcome relief to the seriousness of the endeavor. 2) Member viewpoints are freely expressed and heard. Managers can devise anonymous surveys to ensure that controversial viewpoints are revealed. Group discussion is characterized by open participation and encouragement. While opposing viewpoints exist, they do not develop into disputes. Encouraging different viewpoints reinforces the idea that the team is comprised of diverse individuals who nonetheless have to come to some type of consensus in order to be effective.
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