Common Characteristics Of Mega Construction Projects Essay

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Briefing is the preliminary and most critical phase in construction projects which contributes to the success or failure of the project. One of the common characteristics of mega construction projects is that they include multiple stakeholders: Organizations, Clients, Governments sometimes, Consultants and the Recipients. Therefore, variable conflicts might occur between these stakeholders as a result of variations in interests, requirements, perspectives, expectations or methods of communication. Many studies have addressed this partials with the aim to improve and develop the briefing process, where lots of conceptual frameworks were initiated to manage and control multiple stakeholders but it still a major problem in the briefing process. Among the identified areas this is to identify and manage multiple stakeholders, assessing and accommodating their conflicting needs, expectations and requirements, in order to achieve value for money. This study aims to highlight the weakness in traditional stakeholder analysis techniques and evaluate the impact of multiple stakeholders ' conflicts in mega construction projects through a literature review and case studies to identify and manage them in the briefing process, estimate their requirements, needs and conflicting expectations and their impact on the project influence. The paper concludes with a number of recommendations for stakeholders ' management.

Keywords: Stakeholders management, Mega construction projects,

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