Common Characteristics Of Those With GAD And PTSD

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FINDINGS Common characteristics of those with GAD and PTSD Often medical science contributes similar characteristics for GAD and PTSD with an exception that PTSD has more extreme tendencies towards one side of the emotional spectrum or the other along with re-experiencing the event, avoidance, and hyperarousal. PTSD also, is usually triggered by a traumatic event; while, GAD is persistent about an expansive range of issues. Difficulty concentrating and being able to focus consisted of 100% with GAD and 100% with PTSD. 88% of GAD and/or those with PTSD had anxiety extending two weeks or more. Depression spanning two weeks or more is shown at 94% of those with GAD and/or PTSD. Participants with re-occurring dreams are proven to show in the survey as 56% having GAD and/or PTSD; also replaying traumatic events was a total of 88% with GAD and/or PTSD. Common characteristics such as panic attacks were displayed in the survey with a 75% having experienced the symptom and 13% was neutral; meantime, 13% did not feel the symptom at all. Introversion is, likewise, frequent for those with GAD and PTSD; the survey demonstrated that 75% complained about this type of isolation, disconnecting them from the exterior environment; while, 13% felt neutral, and 13% not at all. Many also felt anxiety or fear over keeping up with school and/or work; 63% proved to have this burden of discomfort, 19% was neutral, and 19% expressed they had no symptoms at all. Getting startled easily by surprise or
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